How do ROCC subscriptions work?

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The ROCC is set up for a school or organisation to purchase a subscription. Costs are based on the number of individuals (we call them participants) that you will be scoring. 

Each school or organisation nominates a ‘data manager’ who is the person who will set up  their organisation and can then invite others to join and assign roles:

  1. Data Manager – The purpose of this role is to manage the overall structure and user access for the Organisation. A joint data manager can be appointed if more than one person is sharing the role. It is advised not to have too many data managers per organisation or things can get confusing. The Data Manager can also enter and approve assessments as well as generate graphs and reports. A user can only be a Data Manager if they are ROCC trained
  2. Assessment Approver – The key aspect of this role is to review draft assessments (created by ‘users’) for approval of their assessments. Approvers can enter assessments themselves, approve assessments, and can also use the Graphs and Reports functions. A User can only be assigned the Assessment Approver Role if they are ROCC Trained.
  3. User – This role is for any user to enter assessments. Assessments entered by Users will be marked as draft until approved by an Assessment Approver. You do not need to have done the ROCC basic training to be a user.

Once your school/organisation has subscribed, the Data Manager will invite you to join using your email address. Once you receive the invite you can create your own password to login. 

More information is available about users and setting up your organisation from the Help file available within your subscription.

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