What is the role of the Data Manager within our organisation?

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Upon subscribing, each school or organisation nominates a ‘data manager’ who is the person who will manage the subscription. They manage the overall structure and user access for the Organisation. They invite others to join and assign roles. A joint data manager can be appointed if more than one person is sharing the role. The video below explains how to set up your organisation for those taking on the Data Manager role. More information is also available in the ROCC Basic Training.

Having a Data Manager from within your school/organisation ensures that your data is secure and only people in your organisation can invite people to it. Data Managers should also review their list of active users regularly to deactivate anyone who may have left the organisation. 

It is important that If your data manager leaves your organisation, that they assign a new data manager into this role first. We often suggest that a school or organisation have more than one Data Manager for this purpose.  If your Data Manager is no longer with your organisation and you don’t have anyone with the appropriate level of access to invite new users , please contact us and we will need to implement a manual verification process. We are very careful to ensure that data is secure.

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