I haven’t done the training, can I still use the ROCC?

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ROCC training is recommended but not required to enter assessments and create profile graphs. But, without the training, you will not be able to approve assessments or view the graphs that track individual progress and collate data for groups. 

ROCC Basic Training training provides an understanding of the descriptions and scoring within each level and how the data can be used to support good communication outcomes. Without training, scores may not be consistent or reliable and follow up comparisons will be difficult. For this reason, we have set up a process where they must be approved by a ‘trained’ user prior to being included in group data. We also think that a general understanding of the principles and decision making behind the ROCC scoring descriptors is required in order to make use of the data  graphs. Collecting data may be an administrative requirement, but reading and acting upon it leads to better outcomes for our participants.  Click here for training options. 

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