Is it possible to purchase an individual child subscription, to pay per assessment for small schools or private practices that only have a small number of individuals using AAC?

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The base cost for a ROCC subscription includes up to 50 free participants. The cost is the same, whether 1, 5 or 50 people use it. This is because the base subscription cost is based on access to the detailed descriptors in each domain and the overall assessment tool – the cost isn’t calculated per participant.  With this base subscription, subscribers also receive the manual and printable assessment forms which are copyright documents.

For larger practices, schools and organisations with more than 50 participants, the subscription cost is based on the number of participants (ie. individuals that will be assessed using the ROCC).

We hope to have a parent version of the ROCC available sometime soon but for now, the Base Subscription for 50 participants is the minimum option.

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