How are schools using the ROCC?

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There are many schools using the ROCC, and we have found that they use it in very different ways! 

Some schools are using it for general upskilling of staff, requiring all teachers to complete the ROCC, and then moderating it.  Others are doing ‘interviews’ of students, with staff then completing the ROCC together.

It really depends on the expectations you have from your staff – ie, how you feel your staff will respond to doing the scoring themselves, and how much time you have. Our suggestion would be, if your school is not too large, that those of you who have been trained do a quick overview, then do the interview version. This could involve speaking to the relevant teacher (and teaching assistants if possible) and talking through all of their students. Or you could score all students at once for each domain.

We’ve had feedback that some schools are just scoring one domain per week for all students, and they include some very quick training around each domain (eg. discussion in the newsletter or a quick 5 minute discussion at a staff meeting) before they score it.

There are lots of different approaches depending on the culture and size of the school.

Let us know how you go, and please contact us if you have any questions!

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