What are the 10 domains included in the ROCC?

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The purpose of the ROCC domains is to consider which area is currently having the greatest impact on the participant’s development of communicative competence. In other words, if you focus your efforts, which one thing will have the biggest impact on improving their communication? To do this, the profile looks at levels of competence across the following 10 domains:

  1. Use of symbolic and specific language
  2. Ownership of an individualised and comprehensive communication system (including adjunct systems if required for those who are verbal)
  3. Appropriate and recognisable initiation of messages
  4. Intelligibility of messages 
  5. If using AAC, do they see the system as their voice?
  6. Complexity of messages – expressive language level
  7. Range of pragmatic functions
  8. Availability of the AAC system 
  9. Social interaction
  10. Strategic competence – conversation repair, efficiency, etc 

We also recognise that there are many other considerations when working with individuals who have communication challenges. As you complete the ROCC assessment, you’ll be prompted to consider other contributing factors (e.g. social networks, peer interaction, literacy) and whether you feel they are currently having a significant impact on the participant’s communicative competence.

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