What is the ROCC assessment process, how long does it take and how often should we use it?

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Once someone is familiar with the assessment, it would probably take about 20-30 mins to score it properly for a student or client. The assessment steps you through 10 domains where there are detailed scoring descriptors for each domain to select from. Once completed, this then gives you a profile graph that looks like the one below.

Profile graph showing scores across 10 ROCC domains

The group data graphs are a collated version of these graphs and also include pie charts with system data like % of students using speech vs sign vs PODD/iPad or device etc.

In terms of the number of times you’d have to complete it, that is very individual. Some sites are scoring twice a year, others once. For some students or clients who are progressing quickly, the assessment is being done every term to track the progress toward the goals. It’s very dependent on the school/clinic and the students.
We have a video that briefly explains the process on our website – go to www.roccassessment.com.au  and click on the ‘Find out more’ button. 

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