How does the ROCC fit in with other assessments that I’ve been using?

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The ROCC provides more of a big picture rather than the finer detail. 

The ROCC was developed to be used as a long term individual profile or as an organisational, whole school or classroom approach to achieving outcomes for communication. It is also a way to assess all students or clients within your organisation – whether they use speech, sign or symbols. 

The ROCC  is not intended to replace more specific and targeted individual communication assessments that may better focus support at an individualised level. 

In fact, you might find that the ROCC helps you to make more informed decisions about which additional assessments you may need. If a participant needs extra support around domain 6 (their complexity of language), then a language sample may be a good option, or in domain 7 (range of functions), you may want to review their pragmatic development in more detail. If intelligibility is the main concern, then you may want to explore speech functioning, or refer to an OT if they are using aided Augmentative and Alternative Communication and need support for their movements for communication.

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