How does the ROCC work?

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The ROCC is an online tool that creates a visual representation and therefore a shared reference (like a ‘roadmap’) to discuss goals and strategies to support communication development for those who have communication challenges.

Online, the ROCC assessment tool asks users to select the most appropriate descriptors for each participant that you score across each of the 10 domains and creates a profile graph. You can then save or print the assessment report or just save the profile graph as an image file and insert it into any of your own documentation. You can also track progress for an individual participant each time you review their ROCC profile. It’s great to see progress over time and celebrate your success.   

Although an individual assessment is useful, the ROCC data graphs also give valuable information to inform goal setting, strategic planning, training, funding, and more. 

Once a school or organisation enters assessments for their participants, they can begin to use that data to view comparative and summarising graphs. Graphs can show trends across specific groups or for all assessments. 

ROCC subscribers will have access to download a paper version of the assessment, but if done online it allows you access to much more functionality such as graphs, reporting, etc. 

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