How do I renew my subscription?

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To renew your ROCC assessment subscription:

    1. You need to be a data manager.
    2. Login to ROCC. Select Manage Organisation
    3. Select the Subscription tab     
    4. This window will show your current subscription level, number of participants used, and expiry date.
    5. Copy your Subscription ID number
    6. Click on ‘Renew Subscription’.
    7. This will take you to the ROCC shop where you can select the number of participants you prefer if you want to increase or decrease or stay the same.
    8. Then go to the checkout and there you can pay by credit card or EFT.
    9. Your renewal will add 12 months to the date of your current subscription expiry.

This process ensures that you link your renewal to your current subscription. 

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