I’m not sure which level to score my student/client on one or more domains.

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First of all, it is important to remember that the ROCC is intended to be a roadmap, not a scorecard.  The score is less important than the conversations the results generate, or the consideration that you give to each domain within the ROCC. Also important are the steps you take once you receive the assessment results!

When scoring, the first consideration is to make sure you understand about the goal for each particular domain. Which aspect is being considered for this domain?

Next review the descriptors to see which one best describes the individual. Overall, the ROCC is not able to describe all individuals in detail so if you are still unsure, pick the one that you feel best suits the individual you are assessing, and use the comments section to clarify or add more detail to help explain your score choice.

There is no right or wrong answer when scoring. Remember that you are doing your best and the ROCC is intended to be a tool to help you to support individuals with communication challenges in your class or school. Just by being involved you are helping to identify, plan and implement communication change at your school, and are helping to track your student’s progress. 

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