How do I select scanning method?

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You will notice on the paper version of the ROCC assessment form that Switch Scan and Partner Assisted Scan are the main heading and then divided into subheadings that select the specific type of scanning – visual, auditory or auditory plus visual.

On the online tool, we have not yet set up these subcategories but this is coming in a future update (early next year). In the meantime, be sure to select both the main heading (Switch and or PAS) and also the type of scanning within that. You will only be able to select the type of scanning once but this should be consistent for both electronic and non-electronic scanning.

The update will be available next year so that your access method graphs allow you to click for more information so that you can tally the individual types of scanning if needed. You will have a graph showing switch scanning and PAS, and then with an extra click, you can see a breakdown of the type of scanning within each method.

Please contact us if you have further questions around this process.

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