Having problems with duplicate Participants?

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Data managers can correct a situation where the same participant’s name has been entered twice and assessments recorded against it. Watch the video here to see how. 



Thanks to the team at Geebung Special School for documenting this process in words if you prefer written instructions.


Removing duplicate participants

Data managers have the access to do this

Step 1 – label duplicate participants

Select Manage organisation – participants.

Label any duplicate participants with different tags eg. (Name 1; Name 2) or Name ORIGINAL or  Name DUPLICATE


Step 2 – assign data to original participant

Select Enter assessment – select participant with DUPLICATE label – on the first screen, change participant name to ORIGINAL (click off the name field then update by clicking forward to next screen to save.

Scan the list of assessments to and do the same for any  DUPLICATE participants showing. This means that no assessments are tagged to DUPLICATE participants and you can progress to deleting these DUPLICATE participants who have not data attached to their profiles.


Step 3 – delete duplicate participants

Select Manage organisation – participants – Select the participant with the DUPLICATE tag. Then Delete. (inactive is an alternative option)


Step 4 – rename original participant

Select Manage organisation – participants – then the participants with ORIGINAL in their name. Remove the ORIGINAL tag so that the participant name is back as it was before. 

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