Welcome to the ROCC

The video below is an overview of the ROCC as it is designed for use in schools. A similar video will be available soon for other settings.

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The next video is an introduction to the ROCC with a bit more detail.

Why use the ROCC?

The ROCC helps to create a shared understanding around 10 key domains of communication. You can use the ROCC to track progress of your client, student or person across time, or you can use it to compare the scores for different scenarios (e.g. with current system v’s potential with proposed system). You can also use the ROCC to collate data for all of your students or clients, or for groups that you can create yourself (e.g. class groups, caseload groups, sites, ages, etc).  

The ROCC creates a visual representation and therefore a shared reference (like a ‘roadmap’) to discuss goals and strategies to support communication development for those who have communication challenges. The descriptors within the rubric can be used to assist educators or providers to formulate goals and objectives for achievable next steps along the continuum towards communicative competence.  

How does the ROCC work?

The ROCC is an online tool. You can use the paper version (PDF download available upon subscription) to score if needed but you will need to enter scores online to generate graphs and compare or collate your data. It’s also MUCH easier and quicker to score online.

ROCC then creates a profile graph for an individual and you can save and print the assessment report or just save the profile graph as an image file and insert it into your own documentation. Once a school or organisation enters assessments for their participants, they can collate that data and view comparative and summarising graphs to show trends across specific groups or for all assessments. This information can inform goal setting, strategic planning, training, funding, and more. Subscribing organisations can group participants so that they can use their data to graph the information that interests them most eg. comparison across age ranges, types of communication systems, class groups, or whole school/organisation data across time.  

Why do I need to do the training?

The ROCC is based on a premise that our ultimate goal in supporting the communication of our students and clients is for autonomous and competent communication so that they can live, love and interact with their own people. The ROCC training is a key part of this process.

We highly recommend that at least key staff in an organisation take the training and that they support others to score the participants. This is to ensure a good understanding of the descriptions and levels within each domain and how the data can be used to support good communication outcomes. Without training, the scores may not be consistent or reliable, data is not reliable, and follow up decision making and comparisons will be difficult. 

When using the ROCC online, only those who have completed the training will be able to approve an assessment and are granted access to the  data graphs.

Continue with this course to complete the ROCC Basic Training.